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The Fall TV Lineup: FOX Edition

FOX has some pretty decent shows coming out this fall. Some of my favorites on my 'must watch' list include Prison Break, Pitch, and Star, though I'm seriously considering checking out Making...


The Fall TV Lineup: CW Edition

CW kept almost the entire lineup they had last year, which means they only have a few new shows coming out this year. Among them are a cute fantasy rom-com, a remake, and a new take on the Archie...


The Fall TV Lineup: CBS Edition

Eight new shows will be added to the CBS lineup this fall and during the midseason. I'm ready to skip most of the comedy offerings, but they do have a few dramas that look pretty promising.


The Fall TV lineup: ABC Edition

As a television junkie, my favorite time of year is when Game of Thrones comes out. Actually, that’s kind of true…or maybe The Walking Dead…or Shameless. Well, you get the point. Really though...