Ashtyn Law is a freelance writer living in Ohio. Focusing on film, she spends much of her days watching and analyzing film and television and also writing screenplays.

Me Before You: or If you Die, I Can Live

Me Before You is not a romantic comedy about a disabled man and his love interest, Its a case study on the dangers of gender stereotypes and a look at what happens when we make people and the things that happen to them plot devices.

Inaccurate Portrayals of Minorities Shouldn’t Exist in 2016

In 2016 there is no reason why all minorities can't be represented in film equally and with dignity. Anything less is laziness. If you can profit off these groups, you can make an effort to do better.

15 Pieces of Pixar Wisdom

I have been a Pixar fan since the days of Toy Story. Honestly, who hasn't? So today, I present you the 15 moments of wisdom offered by Pixar characters.

10 Films Turning 10 in 2016

It's hard to believe that any of these films are a decade old. Ten years ago, we saw Cars for the first time. How crazy is that?

What’s being Renewed/Cancelled: Fall 2015 Edition

The fall television season is upon us. This guide will be updated regularly to let you know what's been renewed and what was put on the chopping block.

Ranking (Some) of the 2015 Fall Premieres

I love when it's that time of year when the Fall Premieres are released! So many new shows to watch and a few to become addicted to! It's fun to see what will make it and learn from what fails. This year there are a couple amazing shows and a few terrible ones, as expected.

A Letter to My Son on Access Equality Day

My son has Asperger's Syndrome. As today is the national day of access - #AccessEquality Day, I've decided to write him an open letter, sharing my thoughts as his mom.

Carrie is Why I Loathe Remakes

Carrie is supposed to be thought of as a reimagining. That's a nice way of calling it a slightly different remake. The result is a movie that never should have been made, but unfortunately was.

Vampire Lore

Learn about my favorite Vampires and my thoughts on Vampire history, characters, writers, and fiction in general. -Coming Soon Favorite Vampire Characters Without being completely egotistical, if I had to list my favorite vampire characters I would probably start rattling off some of my own. I love my vampires, so it’s natural that I would favor them above all else. However, I will try to st...

Shorts & Serials

Looking for something to read? Every short story & serial written for this website is available right here! -Coming Soon


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