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15 Pieces of Pixar Wisdom

I have been a Pixar fan since the days of Toy Story. Honestly, who hasn't? So today, I present you the 15 moments of wisdom offered by Pixar characters.

10 Films Turning 10 in 2016

It's hard to believe that any of these films are a decade old. Ten years ago, we saw Cars for the first time. How crazy is that?

What’s being Renewed/Cancelled: Fall 2015 Edition

The fall television season is upon us. This guide will be updated regularly to let you know what's been renewed and what was put on the chopping block.

Ranking (Some) of the 2015 Fall Premieres

I love when it's that time of year when the Fall Premieres are released! So many new shows to watch and a few to become addicted to! It's fun to see what will make it and learn from what fails. This year there are a couple amazing shows and a few terrible ones, as expected.

Carrie is Why I Loathe Remakes

Carrie is supposed to be thought of as a reimagining. That's a nice way of calling it a slightly different remake. The result is a movie that never should have been made, but unfortunately was.

When #AskELJames Becomes 50 Shades of #WhatwasIthinking

#AskELJames started as a simple Twitter event to promote a book that has technically already been written. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) the event was taken over by people critical of the books. The result was nothing short of fantastic.

Top 15 New Who Episodes and Specials

I love Doctor Who. Granted, we've had some disagreements, but on the whole it is an enjoyable show. These are some of my favorite pre-Capaldi episodes.

Just for Fun: TV Questions

I love television. I can't help it. These days I watch more TV than movies. So, it only makes sense to update this TV meme that I did years ago.

How Wentworth Gets it Right

While I like Orange is the New Black a little bit, it really cannot compare to Wentworth. If I had to choose just one show, the choice would be incredibly easy for me to make. In other news, is it time for Season 3 yet?

Film Review: The Theory of Everything

This film, in this state tells disabled people to accept less in relationships and tells the able-bodied person that no matter how much you think you love someone, in the end, you'll want someone better able to provide a "normal" life.

Why Glee is a Great Idea but Still Fails

I like the idea of Glee in general terms. My problem is that the show has been on too long and it's clear that Murphy no longer gives a shit about being in high school anymore. The facts are, he should have put Glee to bed a long time ago.

Cake Surprises in the Most Delightful Way

Cake surprises on many levels, namely the inclusion of Aniston in a raw and honest way. More than anything, Cake shows us that sometimes the most refreshing aspect is an actor committing to a change of pace.

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