When it Comes to Disability, It’s Not Your Story to Tell…

I know you love them, but when it comes to your disabled loved one, it's best to remember that the stories that need to be told should be coming from them.

From Bechdel & Beyond: The Film Tests You Need to Know

The purpose of tests like The Bechdel Test is not to point out whether the substance of a film is good or not, it's to point out that even with the simplest of requirements, Hollywood can still fail people in marginalized communities.

Me Before You: or If you Die, I Can Live

Me Before You is not a romantic comedy about a disabled man and his love interest, Its a case study on the dangers of gender stereotypes and a look at what happens when we make people and the things that happen to them plot devices.

A Letter to My Son on Access Equality Day

My son has Asperger's Syndrome. As today is the national day of access - #AccessEquality Day, I've decided to write him an open letter, sharing my thoughts as his mom.

Film Review: The Theory of Everything

This film, in this state tells disabled people to accept less in relationships and tells the able-bodied person that no matter how much you think you love someone, in the end, you'll want someone better able to provide a "normal" life.

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